We like to create your images as close as possible to what you have in mind. Not every human being is endowed with the best of the looks, but that's not the reason why you should avoid the camera. We help you transform your total personality by our team of make up professionals who bring out what is best in your looks and conceal what's not: And added to it is our studio environment and mood which is So relaxing that it makes you fell good from deep within Last but not the least our skilled photographers who look for the right angle in you to click. This all is available in our Studio.

Instant Photo's

Digital Instant Photographs has given the power to excel & imagine just think of all those times when a person requires his photograph almost immediately and the only option available to him is an outdated Polaroid stuff. Where the only thing, which he or she misses, is his true color the picture he always wanted to have a background, which exists only in his mind and spirit. With Digital technique variation of sizes like Passport, Combo's, Income Tax Size, Stamp sizes or even desired sizes are made available to our customers with in no time.

Kids Planet

Children innocence, playfulness and naughtiness capture the heart of anyone who comes in contact with them. But when it comes to capturing this essence in a camera, it can be one of the most cumbersome tasks. We have experienced professionals to handle just this type of problems. Young children are handled with the kind of care and attention that is essential to make them feel at home. This kind of attention brings out the best in the child giving the photo a natural and relaxed look.

Matrimonial Special

Matrimonial photography has now become common trade in Indian society. Photographs are the first impression forwarded by the girl's family. First impression is the Best Impression and when it comes to tying the knot, the most common way the couples to be, see each for first time is through photographs. But are you a person who is never satisfied with the way look in your Photos.

No problem, We at Studio Take 3, understand your needs and have professionals who bring out the best in you, We make your photographs, an asset for you.

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